Gravity Buy it!

Star Active Records presents Gravity, excursions into modern Goa Psytrance for stomping dance floors worldwide!

released August 13, 2018

Star Active emerges from the high mountains of Colorado, sharing expansive dance music with observant listeners. Exploring influences from modern trance culture around the world, set your sails toward higher frequencies and deeper grooves. Welcome to the world of Star Active Records!

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Galaxy Opal Buy it!

Hailing from Italy, Vicky Merlino presents a stellar composition for dance floors world wide. Inspiration for the track came gazing upon the amazing Galaxy Opal stone, imagining flying around a nebula in deep space.

released February 15, 2019

w & p Vincenzo Polignone

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Whatever Buy it!

Tron and Glitch combine forces with the Data Error project. A fullon adventure in psychedelic trance, expect the unexpected.

released March 1, 2019

Collaborative project between Patricio Tron and Peter Burkart.

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Shiva Stash Buy it!

Aum Lab brings in a smoking set of tunes for 2019. Shiva Stash explores neo-goa influence, incorporating modular leads, analog atmospheres and cosmic samples. Release features the hit original title track, as well as Sita Bom, a dance friendly trouser wiggler.

released March 22, 2019

Many thanks to my early music production influences circa 1994-2004. Space Dub Studios with Jym Fair (VJ Pixylight), Doug Beechwood (VJ Archetype) & Family, Ceiba Records, Planet Dog, Amani Friend via ...

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San Pedro Rising (Aum Lab Remix) Buy it!

Emanating from a mystical land, crossing organic seas of sound, echoing a forgotten past. Explore your dance body in this spiritual awakening of music. Kaya Project’s “San Pedro Rising” given new life in this progressive trance remix by Aum Lab.

released June 7, 2019

Original written by Seb Taylor, Remixed by Avery Runner

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Beyond The Stars Buy it!

Family traditions never change. Alberto, Coral and Solomoon bring it with a goa classic, Beyond The Stars. A tasty recipe served up by Star Active.

released July 2, 2019

w/p - Alberto Scirocco, Coral Slater, Jeremy Wolf

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Flaming Vimanas Buy it!

Star Active telescopes into the psy-mention of Kri Samadhi. Flaming Vimanas come into focus, with a new remix by Star Active resident artist Aum Lab. Analog hardware soundscapes melt together in goa melodies, techy stabs and brilliant percussion lines. Explore a new galaxy of sound.

Catalog # STAR008
UPC - 193872476797
ISRC - USLZJ1948028
Release Date July 22, 2019

"Flying Machines"

released July 22, 2019
Kri Samadhi - Flaming Vimanas (Aum Lab Remix) (145 Em)
w&p - Christopher H Johnson
Remix - Avery Runner
Mastering by EVP at Wild Mastering

all rights reserved

Vicky Merlino and Ayuddha Project Buy it!

Go deeper in this daytime goa journey of groove. Vicky Merlino and Ayuddha Project collaborate to remix this dance floor slammer by Aum Lab. Beautiful flute tones, driving kick and bass, mesmerizing leads, stunning FX… floating into ecstatic bliss. Another killah track served up by Star Active Records.

Original written by Avery Runner
Remixed by Vincenzo Polignone & Clive Vaz
ISRC - USLZJ1958371
Mastering by Wild Mastering

released August 12, 2019
Featuring Vicky Merlino and Ayuddha Project

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